News About Kerry's Work...

12/5/17: Kerry Livgren's "Several More Musiks" has been released. It is a re-recorded version of his instrumental album
"One of Several Possible Musiks", plus 3 new tracks.

11/21/17: Kerry will soon be releasing a re-recorded version of his instrumental album, "One of Several Possible Musiks".
Re-titled "Several More Musiks" , It will contain 3 new tracks.

4/24/17: David Pack has just finished singing on The Cantata.

11/16/16: Kerry continues working on two new projects - a new Solo Album, and of course The Cantata.

10/12/16: **New Release!** The new Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered version of Proto-Kaw's "Forth" is now available on our Order Page.

9/12/16: Work continues on the Cantata. Allen Asbury just sang some vocal tracks.

6/7/16: I have just returned from a 2-week trip to Israel. Absolutely awesome. I will be working on my Cantata with renewed vigor!

12/12/15: **New Release!** The "The Wait of Glory" is now available on our Order Page.

7/3/15: **Update** The Re-Mixed Version of "The Wait of Glory" is nearing completion.
Also, Kerry has been working on tracks with vocals by John Elefante for a future un-named project.

3/20/15: The Kansas Documentary, "Miracles Out of Nowhere", is making it's debut tonight on VH1C at 8pm. (Central Time)

1/3/15: ***Free File!*** Kerry's year-end Interview with John Bowes. Kerry does not do many interviews these days, and it is offered here as a free download. To get it click here: "Interview with Kerry Livgren".

5/16/14: ***NEW (Kansas) RELEASE!*** The long-awaited Documentary Film about Kansas is finally here! To Pre-Order it click here: "Miracles Out of".

5/16/14: ***NEW RELEASE!*** Well not exactly new, but Kerry has Re-recorded, Re-Mixed and Re-Mastered Proto-Kaw's "Before Became After" CD.
To find out what was done in the process, click here: "What Was Done" To purchase this CD, click on the Purchase CD's tab on the left, or if you prefer, you can purchase it on Amazon or download it on iTunes.

5/16/14: Lots of Kerry's album Lyrics have been uploaded to our Lyrics page. (more to come!) Just click on "Lyrics" (Lower right menu)

3/12/14: Kerry's first solo album, "Seeds of Change", has been re-released by Rock Candy Records. (remastered by Kerry)
It is available at their website: Rock Candy Records.

2/26/14: Currently at work on the re-recording and re-mixing of Proto-Kaw's "Before Became After" CD.

12/24/13: Merry Christmas to all!

8/19/13: It was my great pleasure to be able to perform live this past weekend with Kansas at the 40th Anniversary Concert in Pittsburgh.
All the original members were there, (minus Robby Steinhardt), and the band performed with a Symphony Orchestra.
Special thanks to my Creator who has healed me sufficiently, (and miraculously), to be able to play.

6/18/13: Taking a (temporary) break from working on the Cantata to work on the re-releases of Proto-Kaw's "Before Became After"
and "The Wait of Glory". **AND** we have reduced our CD prices - again!

1/7/13: Surprise guest vocalists showed up to work on the Cantata. Steve Walsh, Rich Williams, and Dave Hope from Kansas all sang!

3/30/12: NEW PRICES on all CD's. They've all been reduced by $1.00!

1/29/12: Back at work on the Cantata and other projects.

8/3/11: ***"Forth"*** is here! Initially available directly from Numavox. (click on the Purchase CD's tab on the left).

3/1/11: The new Proto-Kaw album, entitled "Forth", is currently being mixed. Five of the twelve songs are completed.

1/2/11: There is a new book out, in which author Mark Hollingworth writes of his many (and varied) life experiences. Among them, his many contacts and friendship with Kerry and Kansas, (and many other bands), during the Seventies and Eighties. Mark was also the manager of Petra. Entitled "Embracing the Gray", it is available on Amazon.

12/9/10: **FREE DOWNLOAD** Kerry is very pleased to wish you a Merry Christmas by offering you a free download of his latest composition, "A Kansas Christmas". You may download it here: A Kansas Christmas.

10/17/10: Well....after having announced the demise of Proto-Kaw, we are very pleased to say that the band has re-united and is presently at work on their unfinished (and presently untitled) studio album. It is scheduled for release this coming January.

8/26/10: "Kerry continues to work in the studio. Health wise, he's probably in the best physical condition he's been in since the 80s....he works out at the gym on almost a daily basis and has dropped a considerable amount of weight, returning to his "skinny guitar player" roots!

Musically, he continues to struggle with loss of feeling in his hands...he mentioned that it felt like he was trying to play guitar with "rubber gloves" on. But its only been about 12 months since the stroke...he could barely walk and talk a year ago...there's still ample time for more recovery to happen. My theory is that he has worked so long on the "Cantata" and the raising of Lazarus, that God wanted to give him a bird's-eye experience of what being raised from the dead was all about!"

-John Bowes

3/2/10: ***At Last*** after nearly two years, the Movie finally has a distributor! (Pureflix)
The DVD of The Imposter can be ordered here: Imposter Movie. Then click on the link that says "Order Home DVD".

1/24/10: Kerry has wandered back into the studio, and is at work on several unfinished projects.

12/20/09: Kerry Livgren and Numavox wishes everyone to have a Blessed Christmas, and a Prosperous New Year!

09/20/09: As of this date, Kerry has suffered a massive stroke, although he is currently very well and improving daily.
CD orders are being filled once again. Look to this site for any further news. In closing, thank you for your patience and concerns.

7/21/09: Kerry reports that he recently appeared as a guest artist on John Elefante's upcoming project.
"Very cool songs" he says. Work continues on the Cantata. Also, you may now follow Kerry's activities at this link on Twitter.

3/25/09: At last! - and sooner than anticipated. What many believe is Kerry's finest work, Decade Vol. I is now finished and is in stock exclusively on our order page. This CD contains all of the songs from Seeds of Change, and employs many enhancements. See the news item below for more details.

3/21/09: Work is nearing completion on the Decade Vol. I CD project. We anticipate having it available in a matter of days. Once again, this will not be just a re-issue, it is an enhanced re-recording of the album while retaining all of the great performances of the guest artists on the original Seeds of Change album. Watch for an announcement soon.

1/5/09: Our latest releases are now available for download on

12/4/08: *UPDATE* Prime Mover (redux) is now available on CD with the new artwork.
Read the liner notes and view the artwork here: PM Redux info
We are also offering further price reductions on most of our CD's.

11/12/08: *NEW RELEASE* Prime Mover (redux) has been released. Initially, the new album is being offered on iTunes only.

11/9/08: *UPDATE* We have implemented several price reductions on our CD's. Check the Numavox store.

9/12/08: Work continues on several music projects. (mentioned in new items below.) Slated for fall 08 release will be
Prime Mover (Redux). Just as was done with Collector's Sedition Director's Cut, it will not be just a re-issue, it is a (nearly) complete re-recording of the album. Warren Ham's vocals are still featured, but in every other aspect it will be a new rendering of the music with new performances and additional artists. Watch for a release announcment.

Also, we are told that the release of the Imposter Film will be very soon.

4/26/08: "The Imposter" trailer has been posted on Youtube. The news entry below will give you details about Kerry's appearance in the film.

Click here to watch the Trailer

Get the latest news about the film here: The Imposter

2/8/08: Kerry has just returned from Texas where he has been filming his first motion picture, "The Imposter". Written by Director Dan Millican, it stars Kevin Max as a fallen Pop Star, and Kerry as "Proff", who tries to turn his life around.

Kerry comments: "I never for a moment thought that I would be doing this now. I had set aside these winter months to make serious headway on several studio projects.

When I was asked to play a prominent role in the movie, my initial reaction was a quick no. Aside from the fact that I have no previous acting experience, I was very busy. But I read the script, then read it again, and finally decided it was worth the adventure. At very least, this is an interesting trip into the world of cinema, and I am learning a lot. Still plan to finish all that music though..."

Get news about the film here: The Imposter

12/18/07: We are now offering a special custom CD: "Decade Vol. II".
(yes, it's here before Vol. I) It contains all of the songs from the Time Line album, but not the bonus tracks in the original Decade release. (they are included in Kerry's "Best Of' album). Two of the tracks have been re-mixed and enhanced, and all have been re-mastered. Available only on our order page.

11/21/07: NEW CD RELEASE!
The Collector's Sedition (the Director's Cut) is finished and is now in stock. This is not just a re-issue, it is a (nearly) complete re-recording of the album. Get a complete description HERE.

8/1/07: Work continues on the new Proto-Kaw recording. There is a wealth of music for this project. In between, studio work continues on Kerry's other projects as well.

1/30/07: Work has begun on a new Proto-Kaw recording. The original idea was for the band to record a CD of selections from Kerry's previous solo CD's - ProtoKaw style. Though the idea has not been abandoned, a lot of new material has been written as well, and the album will likely be a mix. More as it develops.

1/22/07: Kerry just returned from the NAMM show in Anaheim. He met with many of his instrument companies and made several appearances and interviews .

8/28/06: Kerry has begun work on a new project - a sequel to his instrumental CD "One of Several Possible Musiks". The new work will also be (mostly) instrumental and will be titled "Several More Musiks". Work on the album will be concurrent with the Cantata. No release date announced.

6/30/06: We have a new version of A.D.'s "Reconstructions" CD available now. It has been re-mastered and features a new graphics package. A word about "re-mastering" - Some labels exploit this as a reason to buy a CD again that you already have. Re-mastering can be a dramatic improvement - or it may be very subtle. Because audio technology is constantly improving, Kerry re-mastered Reconstructions for a new production run and it is a subtle improvement over the previous version. If you already have the CD, there is no pressing need to purchase it again, unless perhaps you are an "audiophile", or just an avid collector....

6/18/06: More of Numavox/Kerry Livgren on iTunes - "AD Live" and "One of Several Possible Musiks" have been uploaded to iTunes and should soon be ready for download. Once again, the best procedure on iTunes is to do a PowerSearch by album title. "AD Live" is NOT available on CD and is an exclusive to iTunes.

4/21/06: More on iTunes....Almost all of Kerry's work is now available on iTunes. Only "One of Several Possible Musiks" is still missing and it will be uploaded soon. To access the albums, do a search for "Livgren".
To find the AD albums you must select "Power Search", and search for the album by name, such as "Reconstructions" or "Art of the State".

3/25/06: We get many inquiries about Kerry's Cantata. Kerry Livgren essentially finished composing his Cantata in 2001, an effort spanning over twenty years. (The word "finished" is carefully chosen, knowing the composer's penchant for re-working compositions) Unfortunately it keeps getting put on the "back burner" as other album projects materialize.

The Cantata is quite unlike anything he has composed before, yet has musical characteristics that will be recognizable as his work. "The closest thing I can compare it to, if I must make a comparison, is a modern musical production like "Les Miserables".

The Cantata's full title is "Cantata: The Resurrection of Lazarus", and is based on the Biblical account in the Gospel of John. The production work continues - the orchestration, casting, recording, etc., with , as Kerry says, "a cast of thousands". We're not yet ready to announce a date..